Becoming Skylark Pl

I want to start by saying that I am so grateful to have had the happy accident and the opportunity to learn from an incredible conglomerate of women on the internet (who likely have no idea they've taught me anything at all) about sustainability & just how massively the fashion industry contributes to the pollution of this beautiful planet of ours. While I am still learning all the time, as with anything, there was a time not so long ago I knew nothing at all; wild, considering the fashion industry would be the #1 largest polluter if not for the oil industry - and so it takes second place. 

Simply by happenstance, I was introduced to sustainable and secondhand fashion; I was immediately in. As I learned more, it became clear how disposable so many of our clothes are, literally and figuratively. Fast fashion produces low-quality and immediately trendy pieces that become worn out and dated almost as soon as their first wash. This is a problem because (1) those "old" clothes all too often end up in landfills and (2) the tons and TONS of water that went into producing those clothes has essentially been wasted, never mind the treatments & chemicals that go into producing those clothes pollute clean water for the wildlife and communities who need it.

Fast forward, I wanted to make a difference in a way which felt authentic to me; something I could maintain and realistically do. And so I set out to rescue, salvage, repair, restore and upcycle vintage & preloved clothing, accessories and housewares. Skylark Pl was born! I wanted to help chip away at any stigma attached to used things, to old things - because sometimes those are the things which are the most special! I wanted to breath new life into items which had been unfairly discarded; I wanted to highlight their unique beauty, their timelessness, their value.

I am a treasure hunter. I am your treasure hunter. I want to bring bliss and excitement to all of you who have found your way here. You are most welcome; to browse, to shop, to be inspired! Here's to you, my friends!